Hi there, considering you landed on my portfolio I’ll presume you know my name is Katja by now. I’m a 29 year old creative with too many hobbies. From early childhood I was always making things, crafting or drawing indoors when it rained, building huts outdoors when the¬† weather allowed. I have a deep love for nature, history and art and my activities in my spare time reflect that. I’m curious by nature and always interested in learning new techniques. Anything creative will have me interested in no time. Right now I’m mostly occupying myself with crocheting, reading, drawing, gardening and photography. Although I always find I have more ideas in my head than I have time at hand to execute them.

My inquisitive nature has lead me through several educations now. Straight out of highschool I started off in bakery school. I made a switch towards floristry and after getting my (MBO) diploma I signed up for a Bachelor education Communication & Multimedia Design at Zuyd University. This gave me the chance to take my creativity into the digital world. My study has shown me a lot of aspects of media design but the projects that stuck with me the most are those that have a meaningful impact on society and the world around us.

Besides my studies I still work as a florist during the weekends. I live in Weert (The Netherlands) together with my fiancé and our cat.

Photo credit: Kate Smit